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The History of Sound: Stories
(Viking, July 2024)

Other writing:

"Three Walks," The Common, issue 18, October 2019


"The History of Sound,"  The Common, issue 16, October 2018

"Bird Brains," Kinfolk magazine, issue 32

"The Road Not Taken," Kinfolk magazine, issue 34


"Happy Mating,"  Crazyhorse, issue 94, November 2018


"On Homecoming," Kinfolk magazine, issue 30, November 2018


"Scrimshaw"  The Harvard Review, issue 51, Summer 2018


"A Taxonomy of Wind," The Paris Review Daily, June 4, 2018


"The Unexpected Poetry of Sleeping Outside" Literary Hub, May 14, 2018


"Farewell to Winter, Farewell to My Fingetip" The Paris Review Daily, March 26, 2018


"Edwin Chase," PEN America Best Debut Short Stories, 2017


"Edwin Chase of Nantucket"  (novel excerpt) The Harvard Review, issue 49, Spring 2016


"In an Arctic that Never Was, and Soon Will Be No More" Lit Hub, December 4, 2015


"He's-at-Home" Lit Hub, October 16, 2015 


"The Writing of Art" The Morning News, October 19, 2015 


"Going Aboard: Retracing Moby Dick on a 19th-century Whaler" The Paris Review Daily, December 16, 2014

"Is There an Afterlife?" Salon. com Feb. 2, 2014


"We Kill and We Forget" September 1, 2013


"The Monstrous Serpent was Real!", August 10, 2013


"Swallowed by a Whale -- A True Tale?" January 15, 2013


"Small Island: An Inteview with Nathaniel Philbrick" Paris Review Daily, January 24, 2013


"A Sudden and Awful Manner" The Morning News, September 11, 2013


"Cape Fear" The Morning News, December 7, 2011


"The Devil's Trumpet" The Morning News, January 26, 2012


"Dispatches from Civil War Reenactments" McSweeney's Internet Tendency, 2011


"The Health of Libraries" McSweeney's Internet Tendency February 7, 2011


Book review of "Floating Gold: A Natural (& Unnatural) History of Ambergris" The Millions


"Inventing Wampanoag" 2012


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